Islamic Empire

Wipe the tears from your eyes, the smoke has cleared and we have moved ahead to the mid-7th century to the mid-13th century. The city of Baghdad is a center of learning and innovations that rivaled Ancient Athens and Ancient Rome, a new intellectual epicenter has emerged!

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Medieval Scribes

Our Jewish, Muslim, and Christian friends worked to translate these ever important texts in varying languages.  Certainly the completion of the double, sometimes triple translation (Greek into Arabic, Arabic into Latin, and sometimes Spanish) is one of the most fruitful scholarly enterprises ever undertaken!

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Moveable Type Printing Press

Finally! We get some help. Some folks thought it was nuts to keep writing this stuff out and created a template by carving into a wood block. This actually continued to serve well for illustrations but not for the text. Surely there must be another way! Introducing the – the Moveable Type Printing Press!

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Industrial Revolution: Radio

A crucial achievement in communication technology – wireless communication!   Radio brings us long distance transmission without the wires (you know, like your magic band!). The technology was around in the early 1900’s and was a useful tool for Naval communications where putting up wires between ships wasn’t feasible.

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