Navigating a Hostile World

By studying the skeletons of the Cro-Magnon people, notably the physical features associated with spoken language, such as the vocal tract, the structure of the brain and the size of the spinal cord we see they are identical to humans living today.

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Cave People

The Spaceship Earth time machine blasts ahead 15,000 years to an era of cave-dwelling people. We enter a dimly lit cavern with men, women, and children in the flickering light of the fire. Here is where we first see the immense details that went into this attraction.

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Ancient Egypt

Now we transition from cave drawings to hieroglyphics as we move into an Egyptian temple (representing the New Kingdom approximately 1567 – 1085 B.C.). On the left is a man sitting in front of the reeds along the Nile making papyrus.

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