Join us as we travel through time and learn how human communication has evolved over the ages.  We will also learn how the ride itself has changed over the years.


Recording of Information

Navigating a Hostile World
When: ~ 35,000 Years Ago
Where: Europe

Cave People
When: ~ 15,000 Years Ago
Where: Europe (Southwestern France, the Caves of Altamira in Northern Spain)

Ancient Egypt
When: ~ New Kingdom approximately 1567 – 1085 BC
Where: Egypt

Disseminating Information

The Phoenicians
When: Late Bronze Age to the Persian Period 1550 – 332 BC
Where: Coast of the Levant

Ancient Greeks
When: 400 BC
Where: Athens

Ancient Rome
When: 27 BC – 20 AD
Where: Rome

Burning Rome
When: 20 AD – 476 AD
Where: Rome/Alexandria

Islamic Empire
When: 650 AD – 1250 AD
Where: Bagdad

Medieval Times
When: 1400’s
Where: Europe

Moveable Type Printing Press
When: 1450
Where: Mainz, Germany

When: 1450 – 1550
Where: Italy

Industrial Revolution

Extra Extra
When: 1860’s
Where: New York

When: 1869’s – 1890’s
Where: New York

When: 1890’s – 1930’s
Where: New England to the West

When: 1936
Where: New York

When: 1928
Where: USA

When: 1969
Where: East Coast, USA


Personal Computers (’82-’94)
When: 1980’s
Where: USA

Personal Computer (’94-’07)
When: 1990’s
Where: International

Mainframe Computers
When: 1970’s
Where: USA

Inventing the Personal Computer
When: 1970’s
Where: USA


Data Babble, Our Spaceship Earth, Tomorrow’s Child
When: Now
Where: Globally